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Customer satisfaction is our top priority and thus, the topic quality is also our top priority.

Our goal: zero errors.

The following processes are in place to ensure a quality product:

  • We purchase only from vendors who have a proven track record of providing high quality product.

  • Lot number tracking is maintained throughout our work flow and test certificates are stored in our system.

  • Our quality control system is fully documented and records are kept on all internal testing. The level of testing is determined by our acceptance of the manufacturers own quality control procedures and our historical test data.

Moreover, We are committed to providing superior quality and performance to our customer.

Our commitment to total customer service and satisfaction includes;

  • Using state of the art manufacturing technologies and equipment.

  • Coupled with highly trained and capable personnel.

  • Supported by appropriate professional staff and manufacturing systems.

  • Creating a team environment of Total Quality Management.

  • Including a Quality Control Lab committed to providing quality testing service to our clients. 

Factory Building

Our Manufacturing

To meet the industry challenges, and with highly trained engineers we are manufacturing ____ Metric Tons of fasteners annually. we have modern manufacturing facilities to reach all our customers in India & Abroad. 

The very modern manufacturing facility of Uniglobal Fasteners is located in Panchkula, Haryana, which is fully connected to all regions of India whether it is Northern, Western, Southern & Eastern part of India.

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